Epsom and Ewell Local Plan 2017-2037

Epsom and Ewell Local Plan 2017-2037

We are developing a new Local Plan which will ensure that Epsom and Ewell continues to evolve as a modern market borough, which offers a special and unique place for people to live, work, learn and enjoy themselves. Our new plan will cover the period to 2037.

A Local Plan is about more than simply meeting housing need, it is also about improving community infrastructure, creating a vibrant economy, making the borough healthier and safer, improving transport and keeping the borough green.

About the Local Plan

The Local Plan will set a strategy for the borough’s future. It will also protect the borough from ad hoc and inappropriate development, setting out strong guidance on what the council expects to see.

Shaped by you
The Local Plan is informed by a consultation with local people, businesses and organisations. The consultation sets out the different opportunities for growth across the borough, and we want your views on which sites you think would be best to accommodate new homes, our new planning policies and the supporting evidence base.

We will do everything we can to ensure that local people can continue to determine how the borough will look in the future, including the location, scale and type of new housing.

Shaping the Local Plan: Our six principles

The council has agreed six key principles, which will form the backbone of the council’s new Local Plan.

The six principles seek to ensure that proposals for the development of new homes in the borough recognise the desirability of maintaining an area’s prevailing character and setting.

Principle 1 – Character of the Borough

Our planning policies will be aligned to national planning policy to ensure they support the desirability of maintaining the area’s prevailing character and setting.  Developments should function well and add to the overall quality of the area, be visually attractive, sympathetic to local character, including the surrounding built environment and landscape setting and create places with a high standard of amenity for existing and future residents.

Principle 2 – The Focus for Development

We will focus housing development in the following locations:

  • Epsom Town Centre
  • Other centres and stations
  • Principal movement corridors
  • Strategic employment sites
  • Intensification of the urban area
  • Urban edge of green belt

Principle 3 – Design

Design Policies will require developers to deliver design quality with an emphasis on being green and family friendly, which ensure that each development is ‘of Epsom’, reflecting the local character and setting.

Principle 4 – Heights and Density

Polices will also address the density and height of developments and place a height restriction which reflects the character of each locality based on the Governments national planning policy as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Principle 5 – Climate Change

The Local Plan polices will reflect the council’s commitments in our Climate Change Action Plan.

Principle 6 – Infrastructure

The Local Plan polices will address the issues of necessary infrastructure to ensure that new developments are sustainable.

Why is a new Local Plan needed?

The Local Plan allows the borough to set its own priorities on housing, employment sites and key infrastructure. It is important to ensure the growth that we need is delivered in the right place, and is of the right character and quality.

We know that meeting housing needs will be challenging, but it is important that the council develops a Local Plan that is deemed to be ‘sound’, meaning that it is grounded in evidence – without this the borough could lose the right to decide where housing should go.

This includes focusing growth within the borough’s more urban and sustainable areas rather than allowing ad hoc development to occur in all parts of the borough.

This consultation therefore includes all the sites that have come forward from landowners and developers for local people to scrutinise.

Where are we now?

Our current Local Plan has reached the end of its life, its replacement is currently being prepared through a nationally required process.

We have already undertaken a series of consultations to understand the aspirations and needs of local people, businesses and others.

We have also commissioned a number of reports from specialist independent experts so that we can understand both current and future requirements and how these can be met. Click here to view these documents through our document library page.

In terms of potential sites for new homes, the council is carefully scrutinising the suitability of all the sites that have come forward from landowners and developers, and as part of the forthcoming consultation will set out the analysis for local people to comment on.

What we need your views on

When we launch the consultation, the council needs your views on the following issues:

  1. Strategic Development policies that will help to guide future development of the borough – covering the following key issues:
    • Meeting housing need
    • New and improved community infrastructure
    • A vibrant inclusive economy
    • Making our borough healthier and safer
    • Improving transport
    • Keeping the borough green
  2. The detailed planning policies that the council will use when considering planning applications.
  3. The sites that are being promoted by land owners and developers for future development.

What happens next?

We want local people, businesses and organisations to play an active part in helping the council to shape the proposals.

We are consulting on strategic, new and revised planning policies that support planning decisions and specific development sites.

The full process for the development of Epsom and Ewell’s next Local Plan is set out in the Local Plan Timeline.